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How to Measure

Measure the curtain track or pole width. If your track has an overlap remember to add it on. For poles measure from inside the finials

Measure the drop. by now you probably know what length curtains you would like. simply measure from your track or pole to the desired height or follow our guide picture

1. To the Floor
2. Just past the sill
3. Just above the sill

Measuring in the recess

Measuring inside a recess is the same process only measuring to the sill

Double/Triple Check!
Always measure in at least 3 positions across the track or pole as floors and sills are rarely level. To avoid curtains dragging across the floor or sill we recommend you use the shortest of these 3 measurements.
  • If you take a picture of your window you can draw on it to see what works for you.
  • If measuring for a lot of curtains/blinds it helps to roughly draw your windows to easily keep track of sizes.
  • stick to Centemetre's or Inches do not mix!
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